Best and Worst Fashion of 2011 o<(:{ ]

5. Feather extensions
To start it off, that feather extension thingies make your head look like a tackle box. Really, did someone trip and fall and their head landed in the feathers and got stuck? I mean, if you have one feather, it’s okay. But when girls have more feathers then hair, I want to scream. Everyone took it too far, and it began to look ridiculous very fast.

4. Jeggings for men
At least the feathers aren’t half as bad leggings are a mix of jeans and leggings, and possibly the most horrifying mixture ever! They’re bad enough for girls, but for guys it’s just wrong. According to my friend, they don’t wear skinny jeans because it makes them look “fruity”. I don’t know why guys would even consider wearing these, they look unmanly and in my opinion, laaaaaaaame. Really, guys. Why?

3. Converse Extensions
Harajuku girls haven’t been in style for over a decade, and why am I still seeing girls wearing these? They’re terrible, and I’m shocked to say that. Right now, I’m wearing  my own converse, and there’s no way I could hate them. But Converse made a big mistake making these; they need to be taken off the market, and burned! They look horrible on everyone, and it isn’t worth anyone’s money. Shoes that go into pants? Save it for the little kids and their footies.

2. Croc’s
Everytime I’m in town, I always see a tourist wearing these balonge- swiss cheese wannabe’s. After experience (-sigh-), I’ve concluded that your feet sweat, smell, and you look ridiculous. But really, there’s no reason to buy these unless you want painful feet and weird looks at you in town. They’re disgusting, and there is no reason to where these.

1. Socks with high heels.
How did this even get popular? You wear socks with sneakers or school shoes, but most definitely not high heels. I don’t get it. It doesn’t look fashionable, unless you’re 5 and Barbie’s socks don’t come off. I guess Hollywood, for whatever reason, thought that this was one of those cute-little-girl-look-a-like


5. Lace
Lace has been surprisingly popular, especially in fall. I especially like it because it’s pretty and neat. There are people who can’t stand lace because of how easy it is to rip, but that’s a beauty thing. To girls, lace is the material that isn’t so bad and it defends out femininity (Ahem, worst #4). And every girl wears it, and it works no matter how old or young you are!

4. Colored denim
Colored denim,  seen on every Disney channel or Nickelodean show, were one of the most popular trends this year.  They virtually can be matched with any type of shirt. It can be dressed up, or you can be wearing a ratty old sweatshirt. It’ll look look good either way, and looks good on anybody.

3. Hair streaks
This year, the amount of people with a bright color streak in their hair is almost overwhelming. Unlike feather extensions, hair color is more subtle. My best friend and I both have pictures of both of us with over 6 different colored hair clips in our hair. My mom jokingly said we had flair, and that was good enough for us. The streaks showed our individuality, and we’re weren’t the only ones with them in. On my trip to Ocean City, I could’ve passed out by how many girls (and boys!) had a color in their hair. It was incredible!

2. Converse.
From the beginning and end of this year, there were an awesome number of people who were wearing Converse. Apparently, they went out a style for a dozen or so years, and now they’re coming right back. Yesterday, at Christmas, my mom got me a pair of grey ‘lo-tops’ and I absolutely love them! Personally, I hate all the ignorant bright colored/designed shoes that Converse is selling. There were originally only 3 colors, not 102 or whatever. Converse is coming back, and I hope so much more in 2012!

1. Thong sandals.
Like 2o10, 2o11’s biggest summer fashion this year was sandals. Not regular sandals, but the sandals that has the strap go between your big and second toes. They can be found at your local outfitters Hollister or Aeropostale. They can be black, white, or any color! Most girls like the ones with little jewels on the strap. but I like plain white ones with basket like bottoms. They are simple, and quickly caught on in teenage girls lives. My mom has a pair, though, so they’re not just for teens.

SSR Project Plot Analysis :DD

Picture of the Novel’s Cover:

Book Title: A Northern Light

Book Author: Jennifer Donnelly

Number of pages: 396

Plot Analysis:

The setting of this story is 1906 North Woods, New York. One reason I know this is because Mattie talks about how North Woods only has one black family, Weaver and his Mama on page 31. Of course Mattie’s talked about New York City, and her getting accepted into Barnard college on page 64. I also know it takes place in 1906 because the Chester Gillette murder happens in the book on page 4 and on. You can also tell it takes place over a century ago, by the customs they have. No everyone has a car, only the rich teacher named Miss Emily Wilcox or Emily Baxter, the poet. In conclusion, I can tell the story takes place in 1906 North Woods, because of the customs, and the surroundings.

The protagonist of this story is Mattie, and the antagonist is also Mattie. Mattie is against herself in the book, because she is split between leaving and staying. On page she has a flashback of her mother telling her not to leave “her babies” or Lou, Beth, and Abby. Mattie wants to go so bad, but Pa needs help on the farm. Mattie feels guilty, because if she leaves, no one can help put food on the table, or take care of everyone. In a way, Mattie is the mother; she is so stressed out with everything, and she feels the only way for her to pursue her dreams being a writer is to go to college. Therefore, Mattie is feeling an inner conflict about to stay or go.

The conflict of this book is that if Mattie is going to stay or go to college. Mattie wants to go to college, and become a writer. But she also feels the need to stay and take ccare of her family, because her mother died last year of breast cancer. Mattie truly believes the only way to escape is to leave everyone behind and run off. Of course, Mattie doesn’t believe she has the courage needed to run away, even though all she has to do is just leave. I think Mattie is scared of being like Lawton, her older brother who had run away right after Ma died. She doesn’t want to cause her family anymore pain. Conclusively, the conflict of this book is Mattie’s decision to stay or go.

The climax of this story is when the Mattie decides she needs to leave and runs off to New York City. On page 389 , she sends Royal his ring back, because she realized that he only loved her for her land. Mattie also sends her hard earned extra money to Pa and gave some to Weaver on the way. Mattie’s decision affects everyone, but she realizes everyone can get on with their life without her doing everything for her. In conclusion, Mattie makes her decision to go, instead of staying behind.

The resolution of this story is when Mattie actually leaves. On page 389- 394, she sneaks out of the Glenmore (hotel she works at), sends her letters, and starts towards the train station. When Mattie sees the giant train, she get’s the chill because of the train and of the fact she’s actually leaving. Suddenly, the train begins to move and she starts running. She was running fast her legs hurt, when suddenly the conductor shouts for her to hurry up or stay behind. He grabs her bags, then her. The last thing Mattie sees is the hillside, and she knows her life is now changed forever. Therefore, Mattie chose to leave, and is now on her way to New York City.

SSR Project: The Main Character :p

Title:  A Northern Light

Author: Jennifer Donnelly

Number of Pages: 396 pages

Protagonist: Mathilde “Mattie” Gokey.


     In A Northern Light, Mathilde “Mattie” Gokey is a sixteen year old girl living in North Woods,New York. She lives on a farm with her three sisters; Beth, Lou, and Abby, and her Pa. Sadly her mother died a year ago. Mattie is different, despite her having brown hair and eyes, and everyone else has black hair and blue eyes. She wants to be a writer, even though she’s living on cornmeal and does the work of a man (which was uncommon back in the early 1900s). Mattie plans on going toNew York City, and going to college, shocking everyone deeply. She’s just a simple, plain, small town girl…Or so it seems.

Page 114 – “You’re wrong, Aunt Josie, I thought. It’s not pride I’m feeling. It’s another sin. Worse than all the other ones, which are immediate, violent, and hot.  This one sits inside you quietly…It’s the Eighth Deadly Sin. The one God left out. Hope” 
Mattie feels hopeful because she thinks that her Aunt Josie will giver her some money for college, but her aunt thinks she’s feeling Pride, one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Pages 165-167 – “She brought your exam results. You got an A+ in your English Literature and composition tests, an A in history, a B in science, and a B- in mathematics…She says you have a genius in you and that you got into college and that Pa should let you go”
Mattie and Miss Wilcox both believe that Mattie will go off to college in New York City, even though Pa thinks Mattie needs to stay.

Page 2 ” I’m scared, Mattie. Ain’t you?’  I don’t answer her. I’m not scared, not exactly, but I can’t explain how I feel…”
Even though Mattie isn’t exactly strong, she’s a long way from being a weak, pathetic child.

pg 4 – “Right now I want the word that describes the feeling you get-a cold, sick feeling deep down inside- when you know something is happening that will change you, and you don’t want it to…”
Mattie is feeling strong in an emotional way because she has to be tough, even if there’s change.

Pages 165-167 – “She brought your exam results. You got an A+ in your English Literature and composition tests, an A in history, a B in science, and a B- in mathematics…She says you have a genius in you and that you got into college and that Pa should let you go”
Mattie is acute, or smart, because she has great grades. She’s one of the two high scholars in her school.

Page 65 – “I took a deep breath and ripped the envelope open… Dear Miss Gokey,’ it read. ‘It is with great pleasure that I write to inform you of your acceptance to Barnard College...”
Back in 1906, it was very uncommon for women to go to college.  You also have to be impeccably smart to get in.

Page 23 “I stared at my hands- red, cracked, old woman’s hands- and saw what was in store for me…” 
Mattie almost seems to know she’s going to live on her farm for years. She also knows that no matter how bad she wants to leave, she can’t. 

Page 119 – “What a surprise, though, when Royal stopped suddenly and kissed me… I felt older, more defined.”
Mattie finally felt like an adult, even though she’s almost 17, when Royal kissed her because she felt more like she was capable of loving someone, like “adults do”

If I Were To Visit Pennsylvania…(o:


      At the Crayola Factory, located in Easton, you get to learn all sorts of interesting things! Like how the crayons and markers are made and shipped. You’ll also learn about the different dyes. You might also get to take one of the 82 packs home!

           What was that? Did you see that shadow? No, we’re not at a haunted house, we’re at the Field of Screams of Lancaster, PA. Here at America’s #1 Haunted Attraction, you’ll be scared to turn any corner. The Asylum is where you’ll be jumping out of your skin at the crrrrrrrrreeeeeeek of a wheel chair, or the moan of a patient. Better not look behind you…

Hershey Park for the win! With a zoo, and an aquiriam, Chocolate worl, and not to mention the amusement park, Hershey Park is amazing. You can take a tour on how they make the Reeses and Hershey bars. Come on down to Hershey, PA, and see what the buzz is all about.

       Punksuhtawney? Punxataney? How do you spell it?! Well, Punxsatawney, PA is a difficult name to spell, but at least there’s Phil!  For Groundhog Day, every year, hundreds of people celebrate this tiny animal that predicts the start of Spring. Come check him out! He’s just as furry as he sounds!

   Haunted. Mill. Put those two words together and your goosebumps have goosebumps. In Spring Grove, PA, you’ll encounter ghosts and… clowns (guuuuuulppp) around every corner. At the Haunted Mill, you can take the tour of the mill or go in a twisting, turning corn maze, where there’s always someone to greet you. Good luck…

Top Five Candies ;D

5. Heath- Hershey

A Heath bar is a thin, chocolate covered piece of toffee. It’s
usually small but you can find it in extra size at your local grocery store. I
love Heath Bars because I love toffee! I don’t have it much, and it’s bad for
my teeth, which makes my love for Heath bars greater!


4. Jolly Ranchers- Now owned by Hershey, but was originally from
the Jolly Rancher Company.

A Jolly Rancher is a small knuckle-width piece of hard candy. It
is one color per piece, but there are many flavors including cherry, blue raspeberry,
grape, and lemon. I love Jolly Ranchers, because I try to suck on them as long
as I can. The flavors make me want to non-stop have them!

3. Kit Kat- Nestle (Hershey)

What’s a Kit Kat? A Kit Kat is chocolate covered wafer that’s
attached to two other “slices” so to say. Inside the layers of the
wafer, is a thin layer of chocolate. The reason I go crazy for these things is
the crunch noise it makes when you snap in it half. I also love the wafers. The
wafers are what make everybody go crazy and buy them.

2. Swedish Fish- Malaco

Swedish Fish is a fish shaped gummy from Sweden (hence the “Swedish”
part). They actually have little eyes and scales carved into them. The fish are
usually cherry flavored, but apparently come in black licorice, lime, and
lemon. I love them because they’re GUMMIES! I love gummies with my whole heart!
They get stuck in your teeth, and you just want to keep having them, forever
and ever!

1. Snickers- Mars.

Snickers are the best candy ever. Inside this candy bar of love,
there are peanut bunches topped with peanuts, caramel, and covered in chocolate.
They are so great. I could eat those hours on end. Like toffee, I love caramel,
and will lick I hobo’s foot to get some :D.



Jolly Ranchers-

Kit Kat-

Swedish Fish-


Worst Songs Ever.! D:

5. “Run The World (Girls)” by Beyonce. I love Beyonce, and she’s an amazing singer, but this song is terrible. It was great on Glee, but anywhere else it’s gross. There are absolutely no complete sentances in the song.

4. “Party In The Usa” by Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus is bad, but her music is worse. The song makes her sound like such a big shot, but she isn’t.

3.  “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera.  Oh gosh, everybody is soooooo in love with this song, but it annoys me. It’s overplayed on the radio and the repition doesn’t help the headaches that get brought on by it.

2. “Cheers (Drink To That)” by Rihanna. “Cheers to the frickin’ weekend…” I feel like sitting in a dark room of because of how many times I’ve heard this song! It’s just like Moves Like Jagger -__- On wayyyy too much.

1.“Imma Be” by the Black Eyed Peas. I was pumped when the B.E.P. got back togther, but this song killed my excitement. The only lyrics are Imma Be and…Oh yeah, Imma Be… Great job, guys…

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My Digital Footprint… XD

     When I Google-d my name on the Internet, I was shocked to see so many people with my name! I was even more shocked that MY race results from over a year ago were there too. I had run a 5K last year in the summer, and had forgotten all about it. I also found a local athlete in the next town; I was really surprised, even though her name was spelt differently. I also found the honor’s list of my high school, where I girl named Megan had received top honors in her classes. Everything I found was really interesting, even if they were about other people…or me. 

     Megan. Such a common name, there are so many people with it! I found an actress with my exact name (NOT Megan Fox). She was in Hair, which is a really popular Broadway musical. Jokingly, I yelled, “AW man,” because if I ever became an actress, I can’t use my name.  I also found an artist with my name, which is really cool, because I’m good at drawing. I even found a newscaster! I’m really surprised about how many people have my exact name.

School Improvement Committee:D

School improvement is greatly needed; we need to update our
school. For example, our lockers are way to small. I can’t possibly fit all my
books into our 6 inch locker. In the past two years I’ve been here, I’ve had
the tiny-can’t-fit-anything-in-here-locker. It’s somewhat depressing because
when my bookbag is full I have to play tug of war with my locker, which gets
really annoying after 7 hours of nonstop learning, it really is ridiculous.

Speaking of materials, technology should be part of it! We should
use laptops in all our classes, maybe the our own that we personally.
Technology is a huge part of our life, nowadays. I literally live on my laptop,
and I know my way around the Internet. Being on the computers can put us,
teenagers, in our comfort zone. I know in CA, we use computers but we should be able to use it for more subjects like Science, or Reading.

Lastly, what about that dumb paint chippings? What if there was a dare
and some kid ate it? Poisoning law suits could cost the school thousands of
dollars. The colors are horrendous and need a good paint job. The paint is
possible decades old, and needs a little touch up. Why not make our school a
little prettier?

With hard work and determination, our school could look brand new.(:

Bucket List(:

1. I would like to go white-water rafting in Colorado.

2. I would love to sleep on a beach, just to feel like a beach bum.


3. I would really like to have a star named after me.


4. I would absolutely love to do a cross country road trip with my friends. 

5. I think it would be fun to have a crazy day where I do everything out of the ordinary.


6. I think it’d be cool to be a teacher; I’d like to teach in a foreign country, like China or Ivory Coast.


7. I’ve always wanted to live in Europe, maybe Greece orItaly.


8. I would like to design a house, and make how I’ve always wanted my house to look like.


9. I would like to buy my parents a house on the coast of Hawaii.


10. Finally, I’d love to control my life how I want to.